CIVICUS Monitor Lookup with Mycroft AI

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Project Name CIVICUS Monitor Lookup with Mycroft AI
Implemented by: Derek Caelin
Project Website
Tool(s) used: Mycroft
Country/Countries: Global
Supports Peacebuilding Theme(s): Civic Space, Rule Of Law

Project Description


CIVICUS Monitor Lookup is an open source skill written for Mycroft. It is a python script that scrapes the CIVICUS Monitor website to look up the status a user's selected country, as seen in this video. In this case, by running the script on a Raspberry Pi, the user is able to issue a verbal query and learn more about any country's civic space status.

This project is an example of how Mycroft can be applied to achieve social impact. A Digital Assistant is one way the user can activate scripts he or she has created in order to accomplish peacebuilding tasks. Whether it be by looking knowledge up, as was the case in this project, or by performing needed tasks, like booking a room or sending a message to colleagues, AI can play a supporting role to social change makers.