Dastoori Kurdistan

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Project Name Dastoori Kurdistan
Implemented by: Alliance of Iraqi Minorities (AIM)
Project Website http://dastoorikurdistan.org/
Tool(s) used: Legislation Lab
Country/Countries: Iraq
Supports Peacebuilding Theme(s): Transparency and Accountability

Project Description

In 2014, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq was in the process of reviewing its constitution. Under the law, the President of Kurdistan, Masoud Barzani, is limited to two terms. There was a debate within the Kurdistan Parliament on whether to revise the constitution. Several groups who attended the PTX Sulaimania wanted to take the opportunity raise awareness of other issues: the rights of minorities, election laws, and laws regarding freedom of expression. Working with the technologist organization GovRight, The Alliance of Iraqi Minorities incorporated the tool into their existing efforts, promoting its existence through the media and mobilizing followers to participate. A report of the feedback of minorities on the constitution was assembled to be presented to parliament, but parliament delayed the presentation indefinitely following a decision not to pursue a constitutional process until the political impasse over the presidency is resolved. At the close of the process, however, The Alliance of Iraqi Minorities garnered more than a thousand views to their website, 187 comments, and 18 proposed changes to the legislation.