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Description of Tool Class


DemTools are free, open-source software to provide civic organizations, legislatures, and political parties with the capabilities to promote Citizen Engagement (Objective), Effective Operations and Transparent Government, all of which leads to healthy democracies. They were created by the NDItech team at National Democratic Institute (NDI).

DemTools are free to install through GitHub. They generally require a team member with a technical background to set up.

  • Civi is a Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system for tracking the history of contacts between individuals and organizations.
  • DKAN is a comprehensive data management warehouse which can store and publish open data and create map and graph-based visualizations.
  • Apollo is a system for compiling, managing, and analyzing structured citizen report forms from activities such as elections.
  • FixMyCommunity is a system for citizens to report problems in infrastructure or service delivery in their neighborhoods.
  • Issues is a citizen engagement tool to allow citizens to ask questions directly to their elected officials who reply in short video or audio messages.
  • Petitions is a system for citizens to create and sign on to petitions to their leaders.