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Effective Operations Description

Effective Operations is the Objective to allow organizations to accomplish general tasks, organize projects, collaborate, or otherwise fulfill the general needs of an organization.

Many of the tools listed on the PeaceTech Wiki are designed to be used on specific peacebuilding projects. Tool Classes that fall under Effective Operations are different in that they support general day-to-day activities that can be applied across virtually all peacebuilding projects. Examples include Project Management, Resource Sharing, Document Collaboration, and Team Communication tools.

Collaboration tools allow teams to work together to accomplish tasks and projects.

Data Aggregation tools assemble many datasets in a single location for efficient access and analysis.

File Sharing tools store files (documents, images, datasets, etc.) in a common location for many team members to access.

Project Management tools allow project managers to organize the efforts of a team or individual to accomplish tasks.

Team Communication tools allow teams to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Tool Classes that support Effective Operations

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