Egua da merenda, Joao

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Project Name Égua da merenda, João!
Implemented by: Social Observatory of Belém, MIT Center for Civic Media
Project Website
Tool(s) used: Promise Tracker
Country/Countries: Brazil
Supports Peacebuilding Theme(s): Transparency and Accountability

Project Description

"At the start of the semester, accounting students in two courses at the Federal University of Pará teamed up with a unusual set of partners to develop proposals for civic audits using Promise Tracker. As part of their final course project, students studying public budgeting and accounting worked with representatives of the federal Ministry of Transparency, Supervision and Control and the Social Observatory of Belém to design citizen monitoring campaigns to audit public spending in programs related to social services, health, school lunch and school transport...Groups developed monitoring campaigns to assess the condition of outdoor recreational spaces at local schools, the availability of prescription medications at state-run pharmaceutical distribution centers, and access to supplemental social services funding." Read more about the project.


The project was an opportunity for the students "to move from theory to practice, putting their knowledge to work on topics with real social impact, including the delivery of public services. As one student shared, “we see in the classroom that there is no lack of legislation around these issues. What’s missing are control mechanisms to make sure that the laws on the books are respected and money spent is actually getting to citizens. This project made me realize my potential as a facilitator to use what I know about the system to help people structure and direct their demands.”