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Supports Objectives(s) Map Conflict

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Geocoding is the process of obtaining geographical coordinates corresponding to (a location). Often times peacebuilders have a list of locations in form of street addresses, towns, cities, zip codes, states, provinces, or countries, etc. Geocoding is the process of obtaining latitude and longitude coordinates (or associating places with polygon shapes like state/country boarders) so that information can be represented in a map.

A variety of services provide geocoding. Mapping tools like Tableau Public can generate latitude and longitude coordinates for many places inside the U.S., especially if zipcodes are probided. Another mapping tool, Carto provides a variety of options for geocoding, but charges extra for geocoding based off of street address. GeoCode and Batch Geocoding are two free online services that don't provide mapping solutions but simply convert spreadsheets of locations into geocoded points.

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