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Project Name Harassmap
Implemented by: Harrassmap
Project Website http://harassmap.org
Tool(s) used: Ushahidi
Country/Countries: Egypt
Supports Peacebuilding Theme(s): Gender Based Violence

Project Description

Harassmap is a project to anonymously report instances of sexual harassment in Egypt through Ushahidi.


"With HarassMap, [statistics of sexual harassment] are visualized and encourages men and women who are sexually harassed to speak up, to report it, to share their story with fellow citizens, and with the world." Link. As of 2017, more than 1,500 cases of sexual harrassment in Egypt have been reported.

Link to the map.

Note: As of June 2017, Harassmap is transitioning from an older version of Ushahidi to an as yet undisclosed tool.