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1: The long route of Ganqing Ring Road, the longest of more than 3,000 kilometers, self-driving will be very tired.

2: The mountainous road of Ganqing Ring Road, people who are not familiar with the road conditions will be very tired and easy to accident.

3: To some extent, going to Gansu is not just a sight, but the scenery itself is beautiful. If you drive by yourself, you will have no time to take care of it.

   Beautiful scenery along the way.

4: If you are a family holiday, there are children. It is not recommended to drive by yourself because you have to take care of your children along the way. Child crying, easy


5: The area along the Ganqing Ring Road is different from the developed areas in the east. It is tired and sleepy. We stop at any time to find a place to rest and stay.

   The Gansu area is sparsely populated. Sometimes I can't meet a village for a long time. You can only live in a fixed place, and you will have no bottom in your car. There is also a gas station, for example, of course, there will be prompts for navigation, but this situation is different, watching it is a gas station,

    We did not have the actual fuel, we have encountered this situation.

6: In the peak season, hotels along the way, the hotel is difficult to find a room, you have to get in place in advance when you travel. Otherwise you may have to sleep on the streets. The place is not in front of the village, not in the store. So you have to have enough time to arrange this.

Self-driving will be a bit overwhelming

7: From the perspective of cost accounting, the cost of choosing a car rental ring line for 6-7 days is generally 5-6000. Drivers' accommodation, tolls, and oil money are included. If you rent a car by car in Xining, the daily rent is around 500. 6-7 days, plus oil money, the toll and charter costs are similar, but you have to drive yourself.

8: Another chartered master can be said to be a half tour guide to explain some of the various attractions. There are also help taking pictures. To know

Photographing in the Ganqing Loop is an important task, Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake, and no road. If you take photos out of the beauty, don't want to, the selfie is not a great result. Our chartered Dong master is very good at taking pictures. Can take the effect of vacating.

9: The most important point is that the chartered masters are generally locals. They are familiar with the local road conditions and customs. Know where it is easy to get stuck, how to get around the path. Stop and eat at that stop. They have a lot of heart, don't worry about it. You sit quietly in the car and enjoy the scenery along the way.

10: The character of the Northwestern is generally relatively simple, honest, and not too bad. Our team leader Dong is such a person. www ganqingbaoche com/