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Project Name Mapping PeaceTech Networks
Implemented by: Derek Caelin
Project Website
Tool(s) used: Kumu, Twitter, Python, Heroku, Cloud9, Google Sheets
Supports Peacebuilding Theme(s):

Project Description

This daily updated map of recent tweets using the phrase "peacetech" was generated by the @PeaceTech Bot, an automated Twitter scraping bot developed using entirely free resources. Written in Python using the development Cloud9 and running on a free server provided by Heroku, the bot runs a daily analysis of the Twitter API and stores the data in a public spreadsheet in Google Sheets. A Kumu map reads from the database, allowing the user to explore the conversations emerging from the most recent 100 tweets about peacetech. The tool enables the user to identify influential or connected entities within a conversation.

The process could be replicated for other terms on Twitter, such as violent protests or national elections.


Source code for the Twitter Bot can be found on Github: