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Supports Objectives(s) Understand Audiences, Mapping Relationships

Description of Tool Class


Network Mapping is the process of visualizing the relationships between a collection of concepts or people. Mapping networks is useful in Understanding Audiences - maps can help users to identify key influencers and distinct groups within a network.

Key Terms

  • Node: The people or concepts being visualized, the intersection points of a network
  • Edge: The linkages between people and concepts being visualized
  • Degree:
  • Betweenness Centrality
  • Closeness Centrality
  • Eigenvector Centrality

Choosing a Tool

Network Mapping tools like Gephi, Lynks and NodeXL each have a different focus and utility.

  • Gephi is an open source network mapping tool that analyzes and visualizes pre-existing datasets.
  • Lynks is a free web-based tool for collaborating on building a network map and sharing it.
  • Kumu is a freemium web-based tool for generating interactive network visualizations.

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