PeaceTech Exchange (PTX)

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Project Name PeaceTech Exchange (PTX)
Implemented by: PeaceTech Lab
Project Website
Tool(s) used: Google Forms, Facebook
Country/Countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Uganda, Egypt, Myanmar, Turkey
Supports Peacebuilding Theme(s): Countering Violent Extremism, Gender Based Violence, Transparency and Accountability

Project Description

PeaceTech Exchanges are the PeaceTech Lab's method of building technical capacity in the peacebuilding field. They are 3-5 day conferences that bring together local peacebuilders with local and international technologists.

The Lab uses Google Forms to survey participants before, during, and after events. Here is a Sample Survey used to plan PeaceTech Exchanges. Based off responses, the Exchange team can select technologies that should be brought to the event. Google forms visualizations are incorporated into Lab websites and reporting to demonstrate impact.

The Lab uses Facebook to invite participants to a PeaceTech Exchange and to communicate with them after the fact. PeaceTech Iraq hosts the conversation of PTX Iraq participants.

For a list of all the tools and concepts presented at the PeaceTech Exchanges, please view the page PeaceTech Exchange Technologies and Concepts.