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Project Name PolitickeFinance.cz
Implemented by: EconLab
Project Website http://www.politickefinance.cz/
Tool(s) used: Highcharts
Country/Countries: Czech Republic
Supports Peacebuilding Theme(s): Transparency and Accountability

Project Description


A website dedicated to publishing political finance information about Czech political parties, their contributions, public procurement information, EU funds, insolvencies, economic activity, etc.

A 1991 Law requires that each political party in the Czech Republic submit an annual report that contains balance sheets, lists of donation, etc. But annual reports are available only in a physical form in the parliamentary library. EconLab takes these physical documents and publishes them in digital form using Data Visualization. Now they are a primary source for journalists, transparency organizations, and lawmakers.

The PolitckeFinance.cz website uses a combination of HTML, CSS, PHP and PostgreSQL. Visualizations are powered by the javascript visual library Highcharts.

For more information on the project, view [this video] by the EconLab project manager.