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Supports Objectives(s) Mobilize Audiences, Inform Audiences


Description of Tool Class

From Wikipedia: "Social media are computer-mediated websites and mobile websites that allow people, companies, and other organizations, including non-profit organizations and governments, to create, share, or exchange information, career interests, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks." Social Media is often one of the primary tools used by peacebuilders to communicate with their audiences.

Audience Mobilization

Social Media can be used to Mobilize Audiences to participate in events or protests, perform political acts like voting or participate in Citizen Engagement projects, contribute to Crowdfunding campaigns, and any number of other actions that would be of value to peacebuilders.

Audience Information

Social Media can be used by peacebuilders to raise awareness of issues or events, whether they be pertinent news stories or activities organized by civil society organizations.

Differences in Social Media by Country

Some social media networks are more prevalent in areas than others. In some places where Facebook is popular, services like Twitter might not be used. Weibo is common in China while Facebook and YouTube are banned. The World Map of Social Networks is one resource to learn about which social networks are popular where.

Social Media Analytics tools Social Media can be analyzed by services called Social Media Analytics tools to extract information about events, public sentiment, individual users, and networks.

Tools in this Tool Class