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Project Name TABEIR Iraq
Implemented by: Iraq Foundation
Project Website
Tool(s) used: Ushahidi
Country/Countries: Iraq
Supports Peacebuilding Theme(s): Freedom of Expression

Project Description

The Technological Advance to Bolster Freedom of Expression in Iraq (TABEIR, or “expression” in Arabic) was a project maintained by the Iraq Foundation to promote democracy and protect Freedom of Expression by empowering civic actors to become agents for change. The project began in December of 2013. It was funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). TABEIR aims to promote democracy and protect freedom of expression by empowering civic actors to become agents for change. The project has enabled journalists and activists to use advanced communication technologies to identify, document, and report on freedom of expression through targeted trainings based on assessment of their needs. And finally, TABEIR empowers freedom of expression advocates by supporting advocacy initiatives and awareness-raising efforts.

TABIER Iraq uses an Ushahidi map [(view the map here)] to crowdsource violations of freedom of expression in Iraq, including physical attacks, psychological attacks, digital attacks, gender based violence, legal attacks, etc. Participants can upload to the map via an iPhone or Android device, by emailing the organization, or by Submitting a web form.