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  • Peacebuilding Theme: - A broad category describing the theme of peacebuilding action. Examples include: Gender-based Violence, Countering Violent Extremism, or Tolerance Building, etc. Because the peacebuilding field has many overlapping concepts and frameworks, different Peacebuilding Themes can link to the same Projects.
  • Projects are initiatives done by people that use technology for a peacebuilding goal. The purpose of a Project page is to describe the overall objectives of an initiative and how a tool was implemented to achieve those objectives. Projects link upwards to Peacebuilding Themes. (For example, PeaceTech Exchanges (PTX) fall under the Peacebuilding Themes Transparency & Accountability and Gender Based Violence because it has serviced both themes.) Projects also link downwards to the the Tools used in the course of a project. A project that does not use a Tool should not be uploaded to the PeaceTech Wiki.
  • Tool Class - Tool classes are families of tools that have similar functions. (Eg, Mapping, Social Media, Data Visualization. Tool Classes link upwards to Activities and downwards to the tools that belong in the family.
  • Tool - the Tool is the base Category of the PeaceTech Wiki. Tools entered should meet the criteria defined by the PeaceTech page. Tools have a variety of properties that distinguish them from each other and describe their use for peacebuilding (EG, platforms used, languages supported, etc.) Tools link upwards to Projects in which they have been used and the Tool Classes to which they belong.

It is expected that each entry to a category can link to multiple other categories. The tool KoBo Toolbox is used by multiple projects.

Note: This taxonomy draws upon the methodology laid out by Jen Gaskell and her work with the Build Peace Database.